28 July 2006

Local Politics

As far as I can tell, very few of the people I knew from the Student Government days have attempted political office in the real world. Trey Traviesa, who was FSU's student president when I arrived, is now in the Florida House. I was just getting involved, so I don't know much about him, other than he was the nemesis of the Monarchy Party.

Joel Silver, who was our Video Center director, and son of a State Senator, attempted to run in '04 against Susan Buchert, one Florida's most liberal rep.'s in the State House. His reasoning was that in the current political climate, Democrats should be more accommodating of their Republican masters. Fortunately, he was trounced, and a number of voters in that area were wondering what the hell he was thinking.

Ray Malloy is a conservative Republican, but is fondly regarded as my mentor in my first year in Senate, and remains one of the few Republicans I can be civil to. He briefly filed to run against Ion Sancho, our anti-Diebold Elections Supervisor. He felt that Sancho was not taking full advantage of the technology available, a remark I found rather disturbing. I was relieved that he dropped out and saved himself potential embarrassment. If any of our local politicians have untouchable status, it is Sancho.

Our latest entry is John Dailey, who is running for County Commissioner and has a very good chance at getting in. His father was head of the school board for many years, and he was Student President during our more productive years. He was in the party opposing ours, yet he remains the only SGA president I genuinely liked. He's not in my district, but the least I can do is put out a sign; if I can find out what he thinks about the coal plant, that is.


27 July 2006

Pictures from July 4th

No news to report, just adding in some pictures from Adam's visit.

Allen does the cooking--

Tammy, Lindsay, and Chrissy

Stumbling to the Warehouse

10 July 2006

Visit from "Mad Adam" Kelly

Adam came in to town last Friday, originally to attend Rich's Fourth of July party, which is usually a blockbuster event. Unfortunately, Rich had to cancel due to a family emergency, but Adam already had the plane tickets and was due for visit anyway. Allen took up the idea of having our own gathering, hoping to recreate the KAOS parties of old. Adam spent the weekend visiting old haunts and Monday night we gathered at my place, "Little KAOS." Adam wound up mixing beer and tequila, with the usual results. Fortunately we are familiar with the drill by now, and Geoff was able to secure his credit card when we went to finish up at the Warehouse.

Just as we were driving to the airport on the 4th, Rich called to say he was back in town and wanted to go ahead with a small gathering and fireworks anyway. Adam was disappointed to miss out on the pyrotechnics, but Rich is promising a bigger show in a couple of months to make up for it, and Adam is intent on coming back for it. It worked out pretty well, as we had enough food and beer left over to provide an instant party. All Rich and Grace had to do was light up the neighbourhood with the leftover fireworks from last year.

Took the rest of the week off work to slob around the house. My next vacation is the family reunion next month, for which I am writing the historical narrative. Currently, however, I am spending more time not writing it.