06 November 2006

Election Day

At last we are here and the questions shall be answered. Can Democrats squander their best momentum in ages, and are Republicans still willing to cling to Rove and Limbaugh rather than reality. I feel kind of left out, other congressional districts have so much more drama going on. I will not be voting for Nelson, but for the independent, Brian Moore. Nelson had a safe race and still made some horrifying votes in the Senate. It's bad enough if he believes he was doing the right thing, but even worse if he felt he still had to pander for the Republican vote. Oddly enough, liberal friends who criticize my Green party leanings have told me they are doing the same.

Davis may be able to pull it off, and I am allowing myself the possibility of maybe having a smell sense of hope. Rich has assured us time and again that Davis has potential, so we will just have to wait.

The only other really big vote is for Referendum #3, a power grab by the Chamber of Commerce, who have too much influence already. Have not seen much support for this outside of the suit-wearin', cigar chompers, but voters tend to vote "Yes" like lemmings on amendments.

Out biggest local race is the City Commission fight between Lightsey and Dr. V. Lightsey, a former environmental champion, voted for Tallahassee to participate in a coal plant. This was bad enough for must of us, but despite excuses that it will be a "clean" coal plant, as more and more information came out, it looked less clean and more of a boondoggle. Dr. V is the only coal opponent to make it out of the primaries, so support for him has been pretty big. Big enough to challenge Lightsey's money and incumbency though? We'll see.