11 October 2006

Tacete et Parete

I see that this blog has been cited on the Monarchy Party's page at Wikipedia, so I guess I should post something about the Monarchy Party.

My involvement (as Bucky Goldstein) is listed under the King's English and Crown Dispatch, our satirical newsletter that anticipated the style of the Onion. That is how I got my start in activism, as a comedy writer. However, Monarchy was never really a proper activist organization, most supporters seemed to be part of the campus drug subculture. Those of us who were left after the party disbanded wound up at the House of KAOS, where we tried to revive the activist spirit of the '60's, but with less drugs and police beatings. I have tried to make sure that our core belief -- "A Political Party is Still a Party" -- was kept alive in other organizations I have been involved with.

I was recently visited by Greg Cohen, the chief engineer of the Monarchy Party, who had dropped by to retrieve the Party archives. The usual reminiscing and war stories now include discussion of who had cancer treatment or major surgery. Are we really getting that old? Plans are afoot to hold a Monarchy reunion next year, which I look forward too. Though I have been quite content with my current circle of friends, it has occurred to me that I no longer have contact with anyone creative, which I am now thinking is why I feel creatively drained so much of the time.