16 November 2004

Proquest has just made Revolutionary Pension claims available online, and I have found two records concerning my ancestors.

Here is a belated Veterans Day salute to the known family vets:

American Revolution

Cpt. George Waterhouse

Sgt. Sherburne Sanborn

War of 1812

Pvt. Dowrst Rand

Civil War-USA

Pvt. George R. Dow (8th New Hampshire)

Pvt. Johan Bernhard Jansen (44th Missouri-Provisional Enrolled Militia)

Civil War-CSA

Pvt. Heinrich Schneider (17th Texas)

World War I

Pvt. Joseph E. Zihlman

Between Wars

Pvt. Fred P. Rogers (3rd Cavalry)

World War II

Pvt. Ben Schneider (506th Infantry)

PO2 Red Zihlman (USS Cassieopeia)

and my father, William Eli Rogers who joined the Navy out of High School and served on the Sub Tenders USS Bushnell, and USS Holland. After his discharge he enlisted in the Air Force in the late 60's and became a helicopter mechanic. The military lineage ends rather pathetically with my one semester in Jr. ROTC.

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