12 January 2005

I read in Dailykos over the holidays that a new ballot initiative was being proposed in Florida-- non-partisan redistricting. Having been absent from the activist scene for some time, I think this is an issue that will get me involved again. I talked with Rich, who works for the AFL-CIO, and he says they will probably take the lead in organizing this. I got the impression that they would be pleasantly surprised if the Democrats supported with any enthusiasm, even though it is supposed to be the centerpiece of their 2006 campaign.

I think the crux of any progressive reform is going to have come from revamping the electoral process. I work best when advocating reform of a broader issue, from which, if successful, specific reforms can be attempted. I think my failure as chair of the local Greens came from the fact that I wanted to work on something far-reaching instead of another NIMBY or bike-path campaign. Oh well, . . . Rich has promised to send some information sometime this week.

Coming up this weekend will be another work party at the Progressive Center. I missed an art show there last Friday, so this will be my first visit this year to see how things are going. The session is due to start soon, and Allen wants the place to be ready to act as a response base for local activists.

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