25 March 2005

Schiavo Circus

I had not planned on adding my two cents to whole Schiavo circus, but something began to irritate me last night while watching the Daily Show. They showed a collage of pundits bashing Michael Schiavo, almost frothing at the mouth with hatred for the man. What struck me was the definite lack of research, or maybe it is that pundits seem to feel they no longer need to do research. Everything I have read about Schiavo from unbiased sources depict a man who did everything humanly possibly for Terry before he saw there was no other alternative. It takes a different kind of love, possibly an even stronger kind of love to make a decision like that.

If all journalists fall to the level of Robert Novack, you may certainly pull my plug.

Your Yankeetexan moment of zen: Jon Stewart's scream after reporting about the Texas law Bush signed that allowed the state to take a baby off life support because the parents couldn't pay.

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