15 June 2005

Still have not provided the promised update on Dan's wedding. I have not been in a writing mood for some time, but I think I will wait until I get the pictures back so I can post some of them as well. If the pictures came out . . . If I got the right camera . . . Did I mention there was drinking?

Just got off the phone with Adam in Houston. He is coming into town for one of Rich's world famous 4th of July parties. The big question is where to put him. He wants to stay with me or Rob so he can be close to campus and the Warehouse and not have to rent a car. Rob never likes having people over, and there is barely room for me in my place. Everyone else lives on the adult side of town, now, so that is where all the action will be anyway. The Progressive Center is the best possibility. I mentioned that Medea Benjamin had stayed there, and Adam all but insisted that he had to as well.

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