02 September 2005

Changes at FSU

Was on campus today and noticed that the old pool that used to be next to the Student Union is gone. When Adam visited we popped into the Union and I had run into one of the maintenance workers who I knew from my days as a building manager. He mentioned that it was going to be torn out to make room for a new classroom building. I had forgotten about it until I saw the piles of dirt today.

Other changes include the Bill's Bookstore across from Westcott. The Mecca was torn down some time ago so Bill's could build a larger store. The old Bill's has been converted into a Circle K. Rob is constantly worried about where people are expected to park.

Had lunch today at the Sweet Shop, which is one campus landmark that has proven to be persistent. Ownership has changed a number of times since I've been here, yet it still manages to hang on. Hopefully at this point it's presence will remain sacrosanct.

In our own neighbourhood, there is somewhat distressing news. A hotel is being built on the corner across from the Lab. This is certain to bring a bunch of riff-raff around, not to mention the hotel people themselves. May as well have carnies move in.

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