17 November 2005

Marshall Leadbetter

Dan, our old roommate from KAOS, was in town for Halloween and let me know that he was planning to write a novel on Marshall Leadbetter.

For those who don't remember, Marshall put FSU on the map for something besides football more than ten years ago. Letting himself into the capitol early one morning, he holed up in the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms office and helped himself to the liqour cabinet. Here is the story as told by Jello Biafra on his 70's Rock Must Die album:

Ballad of Marshall Ledbetter
by Lard

"666 Dunkin' Donuts A 20-inch vegie pizza from Gumby's Extra jalapenos on the side And a case of Asahi Dry.

I wish to speak with Timothy Leary Lemmy, Jello, and Ice Cube too Carton of Lucky's with filters And bring a CNN news crew..."

Tallahassee, Florida 4am, June 14, '91 Capitol Building's occupied broke the glass, walked right inside.

"Wouldn't be advisable... to enter... You don't know the number of hostiles Or if anyone's got guns Or if there's no hostages"

CHORUS I just want to speak my mind More for you than just one sound bite.

Mushroom cop and Info Man Have something to say This whole world is disturbing me. I wanna cut a rap record each month And mail my little pinkie to George Bush

Agh! Agh! Where are my friends? Where are you? Where are you? I can't belive it's come to this.

Sharpshooters on surrounding roofs Traffic blocked off by SWAT troops Evacuate the people inside Pretend we're CNN, say Leary's died.

I just want to speak my mind More for you than just one sound bite.

12:45 he emerged unharmed J.D. in one hand, in the other cigars Hendrix T-shirt and his underwear on Guess what-he never had no gun.

"I only broadcast my freakout to he world I was a prisoner for 22 years When I broke through that door, I was free..." -Not to mention pretty damn lucky-

(Nowadays, boy, you'd just get shot)

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