14 December 2005

Sancho v. Diebold

Leon County has made the front page of DailyKos. Our elections supervisor, Ion Sancho, has been fighting with our various Secretaries of State for some time over Diebold voting machines. He will soon be making an announcement that Diebold will no longer be allowed in our county. We have been fortunate in having Sancho; during the 2000 election fiasco his competence was a model for the rest of the state. Republicans have seen otherwise, though, and accused him of gross negligence when he allowed Diebold machines to be tested by outsiders. The fact that he discovered manipulation was possible did nothing to make them reassess their views on touch screen voting. One Republican, a friend from FSU Senate, filed to run against him, saying Sancho was not taking advantage of the technological opportunities available to him. He dropped out well before the election, but I have to wonder why there is such an insistence on using technology to solve a problem that isn't really a problem. Sancho summed it up earlier this year, "People in Leon County would rather vote on paper than on vapor."

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