23 October 2004

Just got back from an AFL-CIO picnic. Fairly good crowd, our local reps Ausley and Richardson were there, as well as Allen Boyd, our may-as-well-be-Republican Congressman. He's facing a close race this year, and after seeing him in person I can understand why. Spent most of the time talking with my friends Rich, Grace, Allen and Julie. Mike was playing some old Union folk songs, as well as some of his own, which would not go over well with the mainstream Democrats. Tom Baxter, Tallahassee's ever-present battle axe was there as well, and I got a chance to catch up with him a bit. I only met one new person, who introduced himself to me, wondering if I was a Dem. or progressive. Impressed that he could make the distinction, I explained that I was a Green supporting the Democrats until I saw how things will shake out after the election. He said he was a former Libretarian, Democrat for 15 years, and if things don't go well after this election, he'll be joining the Greens.

Stopped by the archives on the way back to see what I could do with my new research. In the 1930 Census, found Pvt. Fred P. Rogers, parents born in Canada, at Ft. Ethan Allen in Vermont, so the army story checks out. Didn't find anyone else from the family, however, but I just did simple searches. I may find them if I do a few search engine tricks, but I couldn't sit still that long.

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