18 October 2004

Well, here it goes. It took me some time to to committ myself to attempting my own blog. Blogs have a somewhat conversational theme, and I am not very conversational. I do enjoy writing, however, and having nothing productive to write about at the moment, I am hoping this will be of some therapeutic value. I am an indifferent journal keeper, though, so I can't promise to update as often as I should.

By way of introduction, I was born in Tucson, Arizona at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. My father was from Amesbury, Massachusetts, and at the time of my birth was a helicopter mechanic, often stationed in Korea and Vietnam while I was growing up. My mother was the daughter of a dairy farmer in Windthorst, a German-Catholic colony in north Texas. She met my father while he was training in Wichita Falls. Therefore, I am half-Yankee, half-Texan, without a clue of what either of them really signify.

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