01 November 2004

Got talked into seeing Michael Moore at the Civic Center tonight. Pretty much just a pep-rally aimed at the young college voters, with a very shrill Roseanne Barr added in. He's finishing his 62-city tour in Tallahassee, "the scene of the crime." I can't say I learned anything new, I've dabbled in propaganda myself and Moore is definitely propaganda, even though I happen to agree with him. He had the three State Dept. diplomats who resigned over the war with him, though, which added some needed depth. There was a meagre collection of Bush/Cheney supporters outside as I left. Couldn't resist telling them "You can go in, they're not going to throw you out." Received a vague retort about there being too many homos in there. Classy.

Cautiously optimistic about the voting tomorrow. There seems to be such a wave of outrage against Bush. At best he polls about 50%, which is not good for an incumbent. Plus, the Democrats seem to have shaken off the Gore malaise and are willing to fight back. No predictions, I'm just hoping to sit back and enjoy whatever surprises appear as political theater. Earlier this week, Jon Stewart said something like "If you don't believe voter fraud will be a factor in this election, well, you're officially adorable."

Election night will be celebrated at Tallahassee's Progressive Center, a project started by former roommate, Cpt. KAOS himself, Allen Joseph. I'll explain more about it in a future posting. We've tried to get Michael Moore to join us, but I'm not sure if we ever got through to his people. Beer will be flowing, at least four bands are playing, and we'll probably have a drunk tank set up in one of the unused areas of the building. I've taken Wednesday off from work to either recover from one hell of a victory party, or plan a move to Canada.

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