20 December 2004

A lot happened this weekend, but I've been too lazy post. The Center has received a $10,000 donation of office furniture from the Florida Chamber of Commerce, oddly enough. They seem to be aware who we are, as Allen tried to send a public thank-you letter, but was told they would only accept a private letter. So, Allen held one of his patented Furniture Assembly parties on Saturday, and we were able to put together enough desks and cubicles to fill one of the second floor suites. I showed up late, not knowing how much of a help I would be (though I can certainly hinder). I'm not handy with tools, and I'm not artistic enough to paint a wall, so I did the fetch-and-carry and heavy lifting. Allen also received his last shipment of goods from Vietnam, so I stuck around to help him move some boxes. Finished up my shopping as well, so I am set for Christmas.

Met some friends at the Warehouse for drinks that night. There is a girl I have seen in our neighbourhood who always looked vaguely familiar to me. She resembled one of the Warehouse bartenders, but I could never be sure. I see more detail at night then in the hazy, glaring fog of daylight. I finally discovered that she is the same girl, because she was trying to convince me the duplex I split with Rob, my old roommate from KAOS, is haunted. I thought, 'Great, just once I'd like to live in a house that isn't haunted.' I told her I had not noticed anything, and she explained it was supposed to be a suicide in the 1950's by some sort of autoerotic asphyxiation, so I told her that was probably Rob's side.

Tonight is dinner with the Jackson's, then I meet with Rich later. Work one more day, and tomorrow night I am on the train to Houston. I'll stay the night Houston with "Mad" Adam Kelly, and the next day I take a bus up to Wichita Falls. My brother has a computer, so maybe I will update more out of sheer boredom.

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