11 December 2004

Yesterday was the last day of finals, and there was a definite sense of relief and freedom in the air. Its kind of sad seeing all the kids leave campus, almost as sad as when they all come back. For a few weeks, we locals have the town to ourselves, but just as we're getting used to it, the new semester starts.

I'll be leaving for Texas in a week and half, and this year I have managed to get all my shopping done ahead of time, except for a few things from Al-Mart. My mother's gift arrived this week, and I'm somewhat disappointed with Boutwell as an artist. He seems to lack detail when people are part of his subject, and there is something very awkward about his sense of perspective and motion. Overall, though, he succeeds in capturing the spirit of the "The Last Picture Show." My grandfather would take his family there every week, and probably would have gone nightly if he had time.

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