14 February 2005

Love Boat Party

Another late update, but fortunately this week has been pretty quiet, so I can catch up on last weekends events. Wayland and Lucy celebrated their 12th anniversary last Saturday, and a party was thrown for them at Rich and Grace's with a Love Boat theme. They went all out with the theme too, everyone was dressed in 70's luxury cruise outfits (those who knew ahead of time, anyway), and Rich was dressed as Isaac. They even had an itinerary printed out, featuring skeet shooting with Don Knotts on the Horizon Deck, and Flamenco Nights with Charo in the Starlight Lounge.

Lucy's family (who originated from Stratford-on-Avon before coming to the US) were there for a special announcement. Lucy is four months pregnant. In addition, Lucy's brother, Dan, who was another old roommate from KAOS, is due to be married in May. He has been teaching in Colorado and just recently at Furman, but I think he's considering a return to the Tallahassee area.

Kim was there and confirmed that she is leaving in two months to join Nichole in Chicago. On the whole I'd rather keep Kim than get Dan back, but that's how these things work. We used her camera phone to try and take a picture of the essential Wayland, but I don't think we quite got it.

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