07 March 2005

Sherry was supposed to be in the paper today, but apparently her quotes were not used. She works for DJJ, and one of the programs they sponsored was to paint cell walls a certain shade of pink to reduce prison violence. Apparently, a particular shade of pink has a noticeable calming effect, and many skeptics have been amazed at the results. The story is here:


The current DJJ head is a Republican, of course, but has been getting praise from the Democrats as well. He was the man the TV show "The Commish" was modeled on, and has not been afraid to take on new ideas. Many Bush appointees tend to ignore facts that conflict with their ideology, and I have heard numerous stories from state employees about how reports have to be rewritten because the conclusions don't match the party platform. The Commish proves it doesn't have to be this way.

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