19 September 2005

Saturday was atypically busy for me. Went to the Archives to find an article on Hatevil Nutter, an ancestor of whom I may blog about later, who deserves a mention if only for the name. My new hat got a good shakedown, as I decided to walk to the Progressive Center to meet Allen, a good two mile trip in 95 degree weather. The hat works.

I helped Allen with the store, then we fixed up three of the rooms. The suite we are trying to reserve for our own use now has a good conference size table for meetings. The Center is pulling in $8000 a month in rent now, and we seem to be solidly established. The owners are happy for now and things are looking up for the future. A film society is setting up to rent one quarter of the building to establish an independent movie theater, which they can also open up to us for media presentations. If they have an adequate stage, holding concerts might be another possibility, though we have been doing fine so far in the back parking lot. Funding Adrien's cafe is another priority, and Allen has struck upon the idea of printing our own money. I'm picturing a one dollar bill with Geoff Callaghan on it.

Allen wanted to watch the FSU game at Cabo's, so we spent the rest of the evening there. We were supposed to meet Rich, but he never showed up. Got home around midnight, but still felt restless so I finished the night at the Warehouse. Had a good talk with Laura, the bartender who insists my house is haunted. If only, the cold spots would certainly be handy at this time of year.

Decided against going to DC. It's not a good time to take off from work and I need to save up if I want to go to New England next year. I found the rest of my grandfather's family in Boston in 1930, so I plan to go up and do some proper on-the-spot research. I also have relatives to visit whom I have not seen since 1976.

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