15 September 2005


With hurricanes on our mind, Geoff and I were talking about New Orleans earlier this week, and our conversation turned to our own brush with Dennis a few months ago. One of our local landmarks, Posey's, was flooded out. The owner, Wayland's aunt, was sure they could rebuild by the end of July, but the inspectors had them shut down. They are currently jumping through hoops to determine if they can afford to rebuild. The land is worth more than the building, and we shudder to think what would happen if they had to sell. Furthermore, they were the only paying gig for Geoff's band, Blue Moon. Currently, there is no Blue Moon, since they have nothing to practice for.

Here is some of the damage from Dennis, which left five feet of water in the building. The smaller dog on the right is Wayland's dog, Cowboy.

This picture went out internationally and was seen by friends of ours vacationing in Vietnam. They were very surprised to see Cowboy from a newspaper in Saigon. Cowboy is very popular dog, though, so it would not surprise me in the least for a Vietnamese native to open up the paper and shout "Cowboy! Good boy!"

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