18 September 2006

"Fish Don't Walk"

This is a bumper sticker I have seen on cars of Christian fanatics who don't believe in evolution. You would think the Mudskipper alone would have exploded this notion, but now there is additional support in the form of a walking shark.

Maybe this will breath new life into the land shark jokes.

Here is a related story I found on a church website, which sums up why I find some Christians very disturbing--

Driving to different things around town usually provides some of the best conversation time between the girls and me. A conversation so perfectly etched into my memory is one from last summer. We were reading bumper stickers and such when Allison noticed the “Jesus fish” on the back of a van in front of us. Brittany quickly explained to her little sister that the fish meant the people believed in Jesus. Allison was so excited to begin looking for other “Christian cars” that it began a game of who can spot the fish first. Not more than 10 blocks, Allison yelled out that she found another fish but this fish had feet. “Fish don’t walk,” she proclaimed. Brittany once again quickly chimed in explaining that this fish meant that they don’t believe in Jesus. Instead, they believe we grew from some “junk” in the water and turned into people over several thousand years. We pulled up next to that little car. The light turned green. They turned left and I went straight. A huge scream sent chills down my spine as Allison shrieked in her definite outdoor voice, “FOLLOW THAT CAR”!

I explained that I couldn’t follow that car as I’m in the wrong lane to turn left and all the cars behind me would run us over and we’d be in a huge wreck. Once we were carefully through the intersection I looked in my rearview mirror to see little tears streaming down her chubby cheeks. “What’s the matter baby?” I asked. “But Mommy those people don’t know Jesus and we need to tell them” she replied.

and even worse . . .

Now I’m not suggesting we all go chasing down cars with the Darwin fish, although I have thought about it a time or two, especially with Allison yelling at me from the backseat. What I am suggesting is that we take the opportunities that God gives us.

Sense the urgency! Chances are you will encounter someone today who will spend eternity in hell. Will you choose to remain silent?

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