06 September 2006

Local Election Roundup

Record low turnout for the state, but our county had a pretty good showing with 37%. However, I was the 18th of 54 voters at St.Thomas More, which is a mostly student precinct (8% turnout). Fortunately, most of my candidates won. Cliff Thaell won a fourth term, which is good, but Proctor is in again, which is bad. Old hippie Bob Rackleff had five challengers, but goes into a run-off with the lone Republican, so he should pull off a win in November. Our old friend from SGA, John Dailey, easily won his seat on the County Commission, and I look forward to seeing how well he does.

Mixed results in the 3 city commission races. The votes on the coal plant had us up in arms to take out the 2 supporters up for reelection. Katz was the only commissioner to speak against it, and won his seat, but the Mayor, John Marks, got off by having two feeble opponents. Lightsey will be in a runoff, however, and hopefully we have time to send a message by voting her out in November. She is our biggest disappointment. Originally a respected environmental voter, she has alienated progressives with her positions on the coal plant and the sprayfield.

The state races look promising. I supported Smith for Governor, but Davis may be able to make a race out of it. Unfortunately, John Ellis has been more competent than his brother, so the anti-Republican wave may just be directed at Harris. And thank the Lord, Harris has won. It will make things much easier for Nelson. I don't like the way Nelson votes, personally, so I may be able to vote Green without fearing a Democratic loss.

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