10 September 2005

Rich and Grace get back sometime this weekend. They have been on vacation in Costa Rica and Guatemala. Hopefully Grace was able to relax, as it is her job to keep Rich from joining any revolutions.

John Burris was in the Superdome throughout the whole ordeal, and was one of the last to be bussed out. He was not aware of any of the violence, and says they always had adequate food and water. He and another Lucky Dog vendor managed to score their own storage room and stayed put, so they were pretty much isolated from the rest of the throng. He is in Houston with Adam this weekend, partying off his debit card. He goes on to see his sister in Sacramento next week.

A number of people remarked to Adam that he picked a good year not to move to New Orleans. However, Adam points out that he would now be on two months administrative leave. Damn the luck. I should point out that Adam is notoriously cheap. Coming from a family of thrifty German farmers myself, who quite possibly went through the Great Depression without noticing anything was wrong, Adam would definitely have them all beat.

Toying with the idea of going up to DC for the protest on the 24th. I don't 100% agree with the notion of withdrawing the troops immediately, but hell, I'll protest anything, and I need to get away from Tallahassee for awhile. Being cheap and lazy, we'll see if I actually make it off the porch.

Finally, a tip of the hat to Sky News Ireland:

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